November: the best pairing for our red wines

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Autumn is well and truly here. It’s starting to get noticeably cold in the morning, when the wind makes the vines sway. The temperatures aren’t freezing yet but, at night, when we get home or go out for dinner, the traditional dishes of our region are more appealing than ever. That’s why we wanted to start this post by saying that November is the best pairing for our red wines: because we love having a glass of Ribera del Duero wine in summer, but it’s during these colder months that these wines find their perfect food matches.

Now that the cold is here with us, restaurant menus change and so do the dishes we serve at home. Salads become a distant memory and traditional soups and stews begin to take pride of place on the table. And there beside them are Arzuaga red wines. Now that it’s game season, we wanted to recommend an incredible pairing to you. Our Laderas del Norte accompanies pheasant or quail dishes like none other, and these two delicacies are now more in vogue than ever. We suggest trying it with foie and apple-stuffed pheasant or asking for it at any restaurant to go along with delicious soused quail. Not only will it be a spot-on combination, but it will also help to beat the chill that’s on its way.

Arzuaga red wines make the perfect companion for the winter months, even away from the dinner table. At the table, however, gathering with friends and family at a cottage or near the fire to have a chat while you serve a bottle of Arzuaga Reserva makes for an unforgettable moment. This enveloping, well-structured wine has a great unctuousness marked by its soft tannin. The silky sensation it produces on the palate can be matched with a good selection of international cheeses. You don’t have to go all out in the kitchen to experience the pleasure of drinking a wine from Bodegas Arzuaga.

And autumn, as you know, is the season for red wine. The best ones can always be found in our online shop. Just visit the site (, choose the ones that fit your taste best and enjoy these final months of 2021 more than ever. November is a great time to discover new sensations and new wines from Bodegas Arzuaga.

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