The best fish on the menu at our Traditional Restaurant

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Our traditional restaurant is waiting for you to celebrate this month of November. With autumn, we look for beauty indoors, the calm we get from watching the sun set while trying some of the dishes on offer at Arzuaga. Today, in fact, we wanted to tell you about our fish dishes, a tasty part of the menu that our kitchen looks after with special care. Arzuaga’s traditional restaurant offers an amazing selection of produce from the sea.

One example of this is our gilthead seabream baked in salt, a traditional recipe that respects all the flavour of this delicate fish. The heat from the oven is what gives the flavour and juiciness to this seabream, which is perfect for two people to share. There’s also our grilled monkfish, where the product is the star since our kitchen team only uses the flames to bring out its flavour.

Maybe, however, you’re someone who prefers hake. Our traditional restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes featuring this fish. We go for the traditional with options such as hake al pil-pil, cooked in olive oil with chilli and garlic and accompanied by clams; battered fried hake supremes with straw potatoes; and also the delicacy of two gourmet hake products: cogote and cocochas, the nape and fleshy part of the jaw, respectively. Hake cogote barbecued over a wood fire brings out the flavour of the fish, while the cocochas al pil-pil, cooked in olive oil with garlic and chilli, remind us of traditional dishes.

And if we’re talking about fish in Castile and León, we have to mention cod as well. We’re proud to say that our recipe always satisfies the most demanding palates. But that’s not all: there’s also the butterflied sea bass with prawns or our tasty grilled wild turbot with vegetable tempura.

So now you might be asking, which is the best wine to go with these fish dishes? Well, at Bodegas Arzuaga, we give you lots of options. There’s our rosé or any of our Chardonnays, although we recommend accompanying any of these dishes with Fan D. Oro, a wine with lots of aromatic intensity and an unctuous mouthfeel that balances the touches of acidity that provide the fresh sensation. It’s a wine with bags of personality that will make the perfect match for your fish dishes. We bet that you want to try them for yourself now. We’re ready and waiting to welcome you to our traditional restaurant so you can sample all of our seafood offerings:

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