Arzuaga oils, the highest quality in two EVOOs

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If you’re someone who follows us on social media, you’ve probably seen that at Arzuaga, we’re used to saying that we’re so much more than wine. Sure, there’s no question that at Arzuaga, we’re defined by the highest quality wine we make here. But, more than that, we’re also high-quality wine tourism, nature, wildlife on our La Planta estate, relaxation at our spa, a five-star hotel, haute cuisine, traditional cooking… and olive oil. Yes, at Arzuaga we also make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). And it’s precisely this ‘liquid gold’ that we want to talk about today on our blog.

At Arzuaga, we make our oils using Arbequina and Cornicabra olives from the Los Olivos estate located in the municipality of Noez, in the heart of Montes de Toledo mountain range. There are over 7,500 olive trees on this estate, and it’s also home to the mill where the oil is made.

Focusing on the Arzuaga 100% Cornicabra oil, it’s worth pointing out that it has the Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin and, among other recognitions at the national level, it won first prize in the Cornicabra Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition for this PDO in the 2010/2011 season. It’s made using only Cornicabra olives, a variety native to the local area and the second Spanish variety by area. This olive usually ripens late, which gives the oil complexity and balance.

When it comes to tasting the oil, we first see that it has a bright yellowish-green appearance. Its aroma is intense, with hints of green herbs and unripened tomatoes on the vine, flowers and tropical notes. Finally, on the palate, it’s oily, unctuous, with good acidity, flavourful, persistent and with lots of expressiveness.

Arzuaga Arbequina oil, on the other hand, is made using olives from the Arbequina variety that are harvested exclusively by beating the tree with a pole, a method used to collect the olives once they’ve reached the right point of ripeness. This way, any olives that have already fallen on the ground are never used. Tradition and technology come together during the production process for this oil, and the temperature is never allowed to go above 27°C.

In terms of the tasting, in the first phase, we find a green coloured oil. Then, on the nose, fruity aromas appear with hints of apple, tomato plant and almond. Finally, on the palate, it has slight bitter and spicy nuances that are well balanced.

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