2021 at Grupo Arzuaga. Hope for the future to come

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A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to a year that was different, full of fears and uncertainties. And we started 2021 with all our hopes pinned on the 12 months before us. In many homes, we lifted our glasses on the night of 31 December to raise a toast to the arrival of good news and, above all, to staying healthy.

However, 2021 began by putting our patience to the test and with news that wasn’t as good as we were hoping for. Still, at Grupo Arzuaga, we have our sights set confidently on a future that we’re sure will arrive.

Yes, it’s undeniable that we’re experiencing a very difficult situation, but we’re convinced that sooner rather than later, we’re going to be sitting together around a table again, or going up to the bar to ask the sommelier or waiter to uncork a bottle of our favourite wine, which we’ll use to toast to life.

For now, we have to continue to be responsible and follow the restrictions put in place by the health authorities, but we’re sure that, if we all do things right, soon we’ll be able to welcome you again to our ‘home’.

We’re certain that during this year that’s just getting started, you’ll be back filling the rooms at Hotel Arzuaga and relaxing in our spa, surrounded by vineyards. That you’ll be back exploring the vineyards all around us and being amazed by the majesticness of our thousand-year-old oak tree or the hundreds of wild boar and deer that live on the La Planta estate.

And what about the wine? We firmly believe that you’re really going to enjoy the new vintages and we hope you’ll be able to enjoy them with us. There’s nothing more that we like than showing you where the wines we make come from, the tanks, the barrel rooms where the magic happens… and for you to taste them with us. As those of you who have visited us know, our tasting team is always ready and willing to explain every detail to you and answer any questions so you can discover exactly what’s behind the wine in the glass.

Soon, we’ll be able to take your order again and bring our delicious dishes out from the kitchen to your table, either in our traditional restaurant or in Arzuaga’s avant-garde option, Taller.

This is all to come, we’re sure of it. That’s why at Grupo Arzuaga, we want to stay positive and toast with hope to the future to come.

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