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As could only be expected, Christmas 2020 is going to be a very different, out-of-the-ordinary holiday. We’ll be sitting down to a Christmas dinner where the maximum number of guests is set by law and the after-dinner conversation will get cut off by the curfew. But, at Arzuaga, we believe that you must always look for the positive side of negative situations, so we invite you to share our philosophy and make this Christmas one that’s deeper, where we’ll be able to enjoy all the good things around us, no matter how small they are. We’ll always find a reason to raise a glass!

We can do this by upholding traditions in whatever way we can, and perhaps one of the most firmly established traditions is sitting around a table with some special dishes ready to be eaten and great wines in the glasses. This last part is, of course, what we at Arzuaga take care of.

During this year that’s drawing to a close, we’ve sat down to think about which wines would be ideal to recommend to you for Christmas. The truth is that it hasn’t been easy to choose since for us, all the wines we make have something that makes them special and ideal for any of the cherished moments we experience at Christmastime. Nevertheless, we’ve chosen five wines that fit all tastes and that will definitely become the perfect option for doing a Christmas toast.

  • La Planta. Our most popular wine. Although this Ribera del Duero red is perfect for enjoying during lunches and dinners, our recommendation is to save it to accompany starters and even as an aperitif to have before sitting down at the table where the food is ready and waiting.
  • Arzuaga Crianza. To define this Arzuaga Crianza, we’ll turn to Juan Fernández-Cuesta, the wine critic for the newspaper ABC. In his selection of ‘excellent Ribera del Duero wines to celebrate Christmas as it deserves’, he had the following to say about the 2018 vintage: ‘At this point, I’d say that this is the best Arzuaga crianza wine I’ve ever tried. It is based on sincerity, nature and freshness. A formidable being and today, even more worthy of praise.’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
  • Amaya Arzuaga. For special days, one of our most special wines: Amaya Arzuaga, one of our winery’s gems. It goes delightfully with stews and grilled meats, as well as one of the most traditional dishes in Castile and León at this time of year: roast suckling lamb.
  • Gran Reserva. We think the holiday season is the perfect time for wine lovers to treat themselves to great wines. And our Gran Reserva will definitely be the right choice for Christmas get-togethers. This is a wine we only make in the best vintages, that goes perfectly with red meats, either grilled or in sauces, or game dishes. Another good bet is cured or fatty cheeses, which enhance the flavour of the wine.
  • Rosae. Arzuaga is much more than red wines. That’s why our Christmas selection had to include Rosae, our 100% Tempranillo rosé wine. A subtle wine that will win over your Christmas dinner guests. In addition, one advantage of this wine is its versatility, making it the perfect companion for everything from ‘simple aperitifs, all kinds of rice and pasta dishes, even white meat, light fish or even more oily fish,’ Javier Bañales explains, as well as ‘carpaccios or more complex meats, raw meat, Asian cuisine…’
  • Pago Mota. We’d like to close this Christmas selection with a wine that will amaze. Our white Pago Mota, which comes from our vineyards in Malagón, Castile-La Mancha. We recommend enjoying this wine before your meal, for those who prefer white wine to red, or, for example, with a grilled or salted fish dish.

This is our selection. Our suggestion of wines for this out-of-the-ordinary Christmas. The whole team at Arzuaga wish you very happy holidays and, above all, cheers to good health!


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