Arzuaga Crianza, a great classic from Bodegas Arzuaga

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A few days ago, we shared a tasting with all our followers on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) featuring a wine whose 2018 vintage reveals an even higher level of excellence: our Arzuaga Crianza. We shared this tasting in English, and it was led by Javier Bañales, Arzuaga’s sales manager and brand ambassador, in one of our most iconic settings: the ancient holm oak tree on the La Planta estate.

‘Being in front of a glass of Crianza 2018 is just going inside the roots and the legacy of this house,’ Bañales begins, going on to explain that ‘this was the first wine to be elaborated in 1993. This was the style of wine that the family just wanted to enjoy every day; it doesn’t matter with which kind of food. But they just wanted a wine that would show the pure balance.’ Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that the founder of our winery, Florentino Arzuaga, was a pioneer in choosing moorland known as páramo as the location for planting the vines. Nowadays, planting on moorland is much more in style, but at that time, it was Florentino Arzuaga who took a chance on it. ‘He was a pioneer to choose this terroir, this special climatology and these exclusive vineyards for his Crianza,’ notes Bañales.

This wine is made from 94% Tempranillo grapes that come from vines with an average age of 35-40 years. ‘Here, in the moor, in the estate of La Planta and following the Golden Mile, the base is the white limestone. It’s what gives the wines this personality and this style, always just more focused into elegance, finesse and respecting the raw material, respecting the fruit,’ explains Bañales.

In terms of the tasting itself of Arzuaga Crianza 2018, Bañales indicates that it’s a clear example of what the Tempranillo variety stands for. In this red wine, you find ‘red berries, in this case, we’ll have some cherries, strawberries,’ and then ‘the super balance of the style of the house, the great classics’.

Ultimately, as Bañales describes, our Arzuaga Crianza 2018 ‘is the pure definition of a fine wine from Ribera, a wine to drink with many, many kinds of dishes, many kinds of moments’. That’s why we invite you to follow his advice: ‘you just have to find the time and open a bottle of Crianza and enjoy it.’ Cheers!

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