A balloon’s-eye view of Bodegas Arzuaga

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Autumn is a very special season at Bodegas Arzuaga. It’s the time of the harvest, of reaping the work that we do for 12 months so that the grapes reach the winery in perfect condition; the period when everything becomes transformed. Because while it’s true that the vineyard is beautiful all year-round, the months of September, October and November are particularly special. The sunsets are more intense and the ochre dyes the fields, burnished by the pinks and purples of the sun. It’s something almost magical. And it’s even more magical if you can experience it from a bird’s-eye view. You already know that at Bodegas Arzuaga we have the most comprehensive wine tourism offering in Spain, and our friends at Vallaglobo didn’t want to miss the chance to see Bodegas Arzuaga from the air.

Can you imagine seeing the vineyards from the sky, with a gentle breeze rocking you? Everything looks different from up high. And this is even more true if the vines have turned into a beautiful field where everything shifts between ochre, brown and auburn. It’s a real sight that can be enjoyed at vineyard level, but the experience is totally different from a hot air balloon. The world transforms and you’ll surely be able to discover new perspectives of Ribera del Duero and its Golden Mile, where our winery stands at the heart.

We have loads to offer you this month as well. Because even if the vineyard is beautiful from the air, there’s still lots to enjoy on the ground, too. So, if you’d like to go up in a balloon, we invite you to then come for a stroll among the vines, full of colour. It’s a great time to do it since soon the leaves will disappear and only the naked beauty of the vines will remain. But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. After your stroll, you can head to our winery, where you’ll be able to see the winemaking process and all the care that we at Bodegas Arzuaga put into each step.

Then, you can’t leave without trying some of our wines. With the first cold winds, it’s nice to sit down at the traditional restaurant to enjoy our perfectly roasted suckling lamb alongside our wines. The journey in today’s post started in the clouds and has ended firmly back on the ground, where our grapes are born. We look forward to seeing you!

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