The Guía Peñín gives Laderas del Norte 91 points

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While not long ago, we were talking about the Gold Medal our Arzuaga Rosae won at the Mondial du Rosé, today we’ll stay in Spain to talk about our Laderas del Norte, which has achieved a score of 91 points in the Guía Peñín wine guide. Those of you familiar with the world of Spanish wines will also be familiar with the Guía Peñín and its influence in the wine world. And for those of you who aren’t, we’ll tell you about it now.

The Guía Peñín wine guide has editions in Spanish, English, German and Chinese and it’s one of the most well-respected tools for decision-making by wine lovers and professionals. The guide is put together by a team of tasters who score the various wines. To do this, they take into account the colour, aroma, flavour, intensity and structure. Besides those basic aspects, the originality, complexity, variety and nuances of the wine are also taken into account.

So, with all this, our Laderas del Norte achieved a score of 91 points, placing it among the great Spanish wines of the moment as an ‘excellent wine’. We here at Bodegas Arzuaga are very proud, because this wine has a great story behind it.

It comes from grapes that are grown organically on the Valdesardon estate owned by the Arzuaga Navarro family. This is the most westerly vineyard in Ribera del Duero, standing at 800 metres above sea level in the municipality of Olivares de Duero. The wine’s characteristics are heavily influenced by its hillside terrain with calcareous clay soils.

After the grapes are harvested, they pass through the sorting table to be destemmed, until they are placed in stainless steel tanks where, after a few days of cold maceration, they will ferment at around 25°C. Next, they will spend 12 months ageing in 100% French oak barrels, where they will undergo malolactic fermentation.

This all makes Laderas del Norte a fresh, elegant wine, with an easy and well-balanced attack. The mouthfeel provides sensations of fleshiness and volume. Lightly sweet and toasted notes finish in a pleasant, balanced end note that recalls all the fruity tones identified in the aroma.

Ultimately, this is a great wine with the endorsement of the Guía Peñín, making it one of the great Spanish wines of the moment. Thank you!

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