Taller Arzuaga’s new organic kitchen garden

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Those of you who follow us regularly know that at Bodegas Arzuaga, we work every day to always be a little bit better. Our aim is to be able to provide you with a matchless wine, culinary and wine tourism offering, where each element fits perfectly with the next. That’s why it should come as no surprise that our Taller Arzuaga restaurant has gone for an organic kitchen garden to provide a farm-to-table experience. We’re sure you’re familiar with this concept, which has been knocking around the world’s best kitchens for some years now and means that local produce, direct from the producer, is used in the culinary offering. At Arzuaga, we were also pioneers in farm-to-table. Game from the La Planta estate has featured on our menus for a while now, and the kitchen garden has come to close the sustainability circle.

Standing at 950 metres above sea level, our garden already includes around one hundred varieties planted there: nightshades, legumes and cruciferous vegetables, cucurbits, Chenopodioideae and Compositae, umbellifers, Liliaceae, aromatic perennials, aromatic annuals and edible flowers. Moreover, our garden is the biggest one in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Castile and León and is also Green Energy certified by Iberdrola, guaranteeing that the energy consumed comes from fully renewable sources, and the produce from the garden is treated entirely with natural products.

Amaya Arzuaga, director of Taller Arzuaga, has already said that this garden ‘strengthens Taller’s commitment to local produce, which has defined us since the beginning, with game from the La Planta estate or the organic extra virgin olive oils that we make at Arzuaga. It’s a way of understanding gastronomy from the very minute we plant our varieties in the garden’. Víctor Gutiérrez, Taller’s culinary director, has pointed out that we care for this garden ‘so that we can offer organic products of the highest quality, which we then transfer to our menus’.

At the moment, Arzuaga is able to produce its own vegetables, its own game and its own oil sustainably and locally, without any intermediaries. Something that you’ll notice in the menus we offer at Taller Arzuaga.

Now you just need to book a table and try the latest addition at Arzuaga for yourself. You can do so either via our website (https://tallerarzuaga.com/index.php/reservas) or by calling (+34) 983 681 146. Our dining room and kitchen staff will look after every last detail to ensure that your experience is unforgettable. It all starts in our new farm-to-table kitchen garden and ends in the delicate dishes by Víctor Gutiérrez.

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