Skewered suckling lamb and Arzuaga wine: the perfect plan at our traditional restaurant!

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As you well know, Bodegas Arzuaga is a point of reference for Ribera del Duero wines throughout Spain and worldwide. We’re proud of our wines and we work every day to continue down the path of the quality and success that we’re known for. However, when you visit Arzuaga, it’s about much more than just enjoying a great wine. It’s our spa, nature, the avant-garde cuisine at Taller and the experience we want to tell you about today: the local cuisine at our traditional restaurant.

Our menu brings together the highest quality of the local produce that we’re committed to and the most traditional recipes of the part of Ribera del Duero that we call home. Out of all of these dishes, if there’s one thing we’re experts at, it’s suckling lamb. We roast it until it’s perfectly golden and juicy, we make the tastiest lamb chops you’ll try in the local area and our skewered lamb… are just amazing!

And today on our blog, it’s the kebabs we want to tell you about. At our traditional restaurant, we make our lamb skewers by roasting them over vine shoots from our vineyards. This dish combines cuts from different parts of the lamb—front, back, ribs and loin—alternated along the skewer that turns into a real delicacy once roasted over the embers. At Arzuaga’s traditional restaurant, we serve our kebabs with salad from our kitchen garden – delicious!

And, of course, for the experience to be complete and make a real impression, we recommend pairing your lamb skewers with one of our Arzuaga red wines. Although you’re sure to get it right no matter which one you choose, our personal recommendation is to accompany it with Arzuaga Crianza, an elegant, smooth and mellow wine that pairs perfectly with the nuances the vine shoots give to a meat as delicate as suckling lamb.

Our skewered suckling lamb are a resounding success among our guests, which is why we invite you to see for yourself and take the opportunity to come and try them in our traditional restaurant.

Come and learn more about the cuisine of Ribera del Duero and enjoy the menu in our traditional restaurant. You can book a table by calling (+34) 983 681 146 or visiting our website

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