Albillo de Arzuaga, a "prodigious" wine according to Peñín

Tradition is not at odds with evolution. In Bodegas Arzuaga we know that and we work so that these two concepts are closely bound. The last proof of this is the wine that we introduce you today, one of our latest elaborations that – despite its recent creation – has already garnered great successes: our new white wine Albillo.

How to preserve a bottle of wine once opened?

Sometimes, when it comes to enjoying a good wine, you just want to have a one or two glasses. However, many times this is not done, because not everyone knows how to preserve a bottle of wine once it is opened so doesn't lose its properties or even spoil. Has that ever happened to you? Keep reading, we have the key!

Pago Florentino - A gem of Arzuaga

All the wines we produce in Arzuaga make us proud. A pride that is born in the vineyard itself, which we take care of day by day to give us the best outcome. And that, after preparing the different references, they are confirmed when we get such a good reaction from you. Today we want to talk to you in more detail about one of these wines, flagged by care and quality: our Pago Florentino.  Less well-known that it is one of the few Pago wines in Spain according to the regulations.

Serve your wine without opening the bottle!

As we have already tell you in the case of the Repour system, in Arzuaga we are seeking for new methods so that you can enjoy our wines to the fullest. Given this premise, we keep in mind that sometimes it may be the case you want to drink only one or two glasses of wine and don’t do this fearing that open the bottle and it will get spoiled if you do not drink it before long. Therefore, we continue to innovate as well as looking for alternatives that allow preserving wine bottles in the best conditions. We tell you in this post!

The TOP Arzuaga Wines that Peñín Guide considers excellent

The prestigious Peñín Guide, the most relevant oenological manual in Spain, has evaluated the wines of the last vintage of Arzuaga in its 2019 edition. Thus, after tasting more than 11,500 wines by its team of professionals, they have rated six of our wines as "Excellent".

Why 'La Planta' has become the wine of the year?

If there is a wine we recently feel absolutely satisfied in Arzuaga is our young red 'La Planta'.  This Tempranillo, made with our own grapes, brings together the greatest blend of joy, fruit... of life, after all. And, interestingly, not only has it received the warm approval and good comments from the wine expert critics, contests and prescribers, but also has achieved the best thing that a quality wine can achieve: it has found a niche and the people already ask for by its name in old quarters and neighbourhoods, where 'La Planta' has carved out a place on its own merits.

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