Núvola: the benefits of feeling in the womb in Arzuaga SPA

If you have already come to our SPA, you will know that, apart from an unbeatable location between vineyards, we have the most careful and cutting-edge facilities to offer you a complete relaxation and care of your body. Today, in our SPA facilities, we want to tell you about one of our latest additions which, thanks to its multiple qualities, is having a great acceptance among all of you who visit us: Núvola.

One of the main differentiating elements of Núvola is that with such treatment you will feel a sensation of zero gravity, which helps to recover the body from stress and fatigue accumulated in just twenty minutes. Besides, this exclusive flotation stretcher simulates the mother's womb, recreating the prenatal atmosphere.

However, the advantages and benefits of Núvola do not end there. While you enjoy the relax of Núvola, your skin will be enhanced thanks to the effects of one of our wrappings, which are applied to improve your performance during the use of this stretcher. And its temperature, which reaches 37 degrees, is perfect to boost the effect of the wraps. Which one will you choose? We present them to you all, it's hard to decide!

  • Chocolate wrap, with anti-cellulite and nourishing effect.
  • Thalaso Detox Wrap: Tones the skin with its algae-based compounds.
  • Intense Hydration Wrap: Not only stands out for its absolute moisturising power, it also combats fluid retention and it has a high content in Iodine.
  • Olive oil wrap: Protects, moisturises and adds elasticity and radiance to your skin. Also has vitamins A, D, E, K and natural antioxidants thanks to its high concentration in extra virgin olive oil.
  • White Mud Wrap: Regenerates the skin, providing luminosity.
  • Black Mud Wrap: Acts as a circulatory and antirheumatic regulator, and calms joint pain.

But this is not all, while the wrapping takes effect, you will receive a facial hydrating massage and you will enjoy the underwater jets of Núvola on legs, back and feet. An absolute state of relaxation. 

Undoubtedly, Núvola is the best way to relax, prepare the skin for each season and revitalise all the senses.

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