Arzuaga consolidates its success in social media

More than 25 years attest the Arzuaga’s career as a leading winery and a reference wine tourism complex in the Ribera del Duero. Our experience, effort and knowledge have placed us as one of the industry’s flagship nationally and internationally. And some months ago we wanted to complement this with a change in our social media, increasing our presence in them and offering a careful and quality content.

And from the beginning, we can only appreciate your interaction with our different profiles. Without a doubt, the result has been a huge success. Just as an example, only in March our publications through these channels reached 500,000 users. An important figure that, besides, is accompanied by a monthly exponential growth in the number of followers, as well as in the participation and interaction with the contents.

In our different channels you will find videos, pictures, offers... Different media content that allows you to get closer and know through your screens everything that surrounds the Arzuaga world - As you already know, the most complete complex of wine tourism offer in Spain.

At this point of the post, surely those who still don’t follow us will be wondering yourself: In what social media can I follow Arzuaga? As you know, Arzuaga is much more than a winery and that is also reflected in our different networks. Thus, you will find everything related to the winery on Facebook (@bodegasarzuaga), Instagram (@bodegasarzuaga) and Twitter (@BodegasArzuaga). The same social media have a presence in all matters related to the Hotel: Facebook (@hotelarzuaga), Instagram (@hotelarzuaga) and Twitter (@HotelArzuagaSpa). The latest culinary project of Arzuaga, ‘Taller’, has a room in this digital space as well with Facebook (@tallerarzuaga), Instagram (@tallerarzuaga) and Twitter (@TallerArzuaga).

One of the key points of our performance in social media is the interaction with all of you, the followers of Arzuaga. We love seeing all your pictures and videos enjoying our wines or the facilities of our Quintanilla de Onésimo complex!

Blog and YouTube channel

In our quest for closeness with all of you, we have begun to get involved in two new digital projects. First of all, the Arzuaga's blog has become a meeting point where you can find both the processes of winemaking and the latest news. And, of course, the history that has marked our career and has led to a picture of who we are today. And secondly, our YouTube channel where we regularly publish videos in which we go from the vineyards to interviews with the Arzuaga family, from La Planta estate to the carefully prepared dishes of ‘Taller’ or the celebrations at the Hotel.

While through this digital window you can get closer to the Arzuaga world, we recommend you to meet us live! We wait for you in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

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