Tempranillo variety grape - a must in Bodegas Arzuaga

Without a doubt, at Bodegas Arzuaga we keep an interesting ‘love affair’ with the Tempranillo variety. So much so that we could say that this is the varietal vine that, to a large extent, shapes the core and personality of our riverside wines.

Its imprint is clearly manifested in the behaviour of our Crianza and Reserva wines, without forgetting that our young red, La Planta, has also managed to show the primary potential of this vine. But its relationship with this variety does not culminate in the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin. In addition to the nearly 200 hectares of vineyards of this variety planted within the D.O., the Arzuaga family has another Tempranillo framed within the town of Malagón, in Ciudad Real - one of the few examples regulated as Pago wine in Spain and unique in Castilla y León. It is the Pago Florentino Tempranillo, a silky and elegant wine with no chemical stabilisation.

In our winery we maintain a close control about the cultural practices of the vine, where the Tempranillo variety is the main one. Including, of course, the plantations under the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture, a trend that is increasing every day in the spirit and philosophy of Bodegas Arzuaga. Undoubtedly, Tempranillo is the key and the cornerstone on which Arzuaga has built one of the leading brands of the Ribera del Duero and even the quality wine market in Spain.

The Tempranillo grape, faithful to its personality, has successfully adapted to an agronomic scenario that guarantees, when it is transferred to the winery once harvested, all the potential that makes our red wines from the Ribera del Duero a sensory benchmark. Everything is born from the characteristics of low fertility soils and the thermal contrasts of a harsh climate that in the River Douro becomes the true balance between acidity and alcohol. Moreover, it provides the wines with a good potential of polyphenols and strong violet colour which, together with other parameters, are the key to ageing and the long evolution curves of the 100% Tempranillo wines from the Douro.

In Arzuaga we bet on the Tempranillo variety, being the grape with the highest percentage in all our red wines and becoming the only protagonist in varietals such as our Pago Florentino, Arzuaga Rosae or La Planta.

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