Wine therapy in Arzuaga. Black grape Jacuzzi in the heart of the Ribera del Duero

One of the aspects that differentiate our hotel from others located in the Ribera del Duero, besides to the luxury of our facilities and the welcome gift we offer to our customers, is our SPA. There, apart from the different circuits, cabins and other treatments, you can enjoy the benefits of wine therapy - as might be expected - taking into account the surrounding vineyards and the great winemaking tradition that defines Grupo Arzuaga.

Thus, if you visit us, we will put at your disposal different treatments related to grapes and wine. For example, our team of professionals can exfoliate your skin with grape seeds or make one of our Gran Reserva wrappings, a purple grape-based treatment that gives the skin a more youthful appearance. Also, if you want to enjoy wine therapy as a couple, you can choose the Private Jacuzzi of black grape for two people, a whirlpool bath containing polyphenols with a powerful free anti-radical action, perfect to enjoy as a couple. You can also complete this jacuzzi treatment with a partial massage and the Gran Reserva wrapping in our Efluvios de Baco option.

Of course, if you want to enjoy to the fullest the benefits of wine therapy, we certainly recommend the Arzuaga Ritual 100% wine therapy. Massage, exfoliation, wrapping and black grape Jacuzzi for two people.  All this in the same ritual.

But, do you know what are the benefits that wine therapy brings to your skin and your appearance?

These are mainly due to components and elements present in grapes. In this sense, it should be stressed the action of polyphenols, which are particularly present in the skin and seeds of grapes. Among the effects they have on our skin, it is also worth noting that they prevent aging and act as a firming and moisturising agent as well. And if you look at these polyphenols, we can highlight especially the resveratrol. This compound, stands out above all, for its powerful antioxidant action. In addition, activities or treatments such as our Wine Jacuzzi for two people also have an anaesthetising power, due to the wine vapours that are inhaled while enjoying them.

Therefore, besides the extra hydration for the skin that derives from our wine therapy treatments, we can say that its main benefit is the rejuvenation it produces, as well as its powerful antioxidant value.

Would you like to enjoy a wine therapy treatment at Arzuaga SPA? Find information on our website!  And remember that from Monday to Thursday, with any booking of our SPA menu, you get a free thermal circuit!

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