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Bodegas Arzuaga not only stands out for the exceptionally high quality of its wines and its great reputation cultivated and developed through each and every one of its vines: the complex found in the municipality of Quintanilla de Onésimo in the heart of Ribera del Duero is home to much more than just a great winery. Arzuaga is also wine tourism, relaxation, nature and food and drink – all of the highest quality, too. Here at our facilities, you can find both a traditional restaurant as well as our haute cuisine option, Taller Arzuaga, which boasts one Michelin star.

Our traditional restaurant already represented a milestone as it was the first restaurant at a winery in the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. Today, it’s a sanctuary of good food and drink that stands side by side with the place where our winery’s wines are produced and aged. When you arrive at our traditional restaurant, you’ll get to see one of the most beautiful views in the designation of origin. The vines are covered in shades of green during the magical budbreak period and, very close by, the deer, wild boar and mouflons on our La Planta estate catch the eye of curious visitors.

What kind of dishes can you sample in the traditional restaurant at our complex? There are delicacies for all tastes and palates: starters such as the typical black pudding from Burgos with roasted peppers, the best cured meats such as beef cecina de León, leek pie, red scorpionfish terrine… And not to mention the main courses: we have both top-quality seafood and fish (grilled prawns, monkfish with clams and prawns in a pine nut sauce, hake jowls with garlic and chilli) and the best meats (Castilian roast suckling lamb in all its forms; T-bone, rib-eye and sirloin steaks…).

On the other hand, if you prefer avant-garde cuisine, you can book a table at Taller Arzuaga, our gastronomic gem that has Amaya Arzuaga at the helm and Víctor Gutiérrez as the gastronomic advisor. Despite being a young restaurant, Taller already boasts one Michelin star, renewed in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, as well as one Sun awarded by the Repsol Guide. Today, Taller represents the reflection of our everyday experience with haute cuisine and the world of the senses, textures and aromas, resulting in dishes full of colour, flavour and sensations that come to life using the local raw materials of the highest quality that characterise Grupo Arzuaga. Tradition serves as the basis for our cuisine, but we innovate with the aim of being better and more cutting edge every day.

This is why Arzuaga is the best place for foodies in Ribera del Duero: we have the best options for both classic diners as well as those who are more daring. We’re ready and waiting for you at our hotel and gastronomic complex in Quintanilla de Onésimo.

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