Experience a unique Midsummer at Bodegas Arzuaga

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Every 24 June, the magic of fire runs through Europe to celebrate Midsummer. It’s a tradition with roots dating back hundreds of years, whose bonfires and history have survived all the way to the present day. At Bodegas Arzuaga, we know this well because it’s one of our favourite celebrations, a unique event that we celebrate year after year. And 2023 is no exception.

That’s why we’ve created a perfect offer for you so that you can experience the excitement of this special event firsthand. You can stay in one of our rooms, richly decorated in fine wood with all the charm of Ribera del Duero. All the character of our winery is reflected in our rooms, where you’ll find a welcome gift of a half bottle of Arzuaga Crianza.

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll be able to start enjoying everything Bodegas Arzuaga has to offer. First, a stroll around La Planta, the Arzuaga family’s stunning estate. There, among the holm oaks, junipers and Mediterranean pines, you’ll encounter deer, wild boar and mouflons while enjoying the incomparable vineyard landscape. Then it will be time to explore the secrets of Bodegas Arzuaga through its winery. That’s where you’ll discover our origins and see our world and our philosophy up close to better understand the personality of each of our wines. Next, before dinner, there’s nothing better than a visit to our spa, an amazing place where you can disconnect from the world, surrounded by vineyards. You’ll see the world differently after relaxing on the bubble loungers, under the waterfalls and in the counter-current rivers. It’s the best way to get ready for the big event: the Midsummer dinner.

We’ll be having a big barbecue in the winery gardens, with different stations featuring salads, Ibérico pork, smoked foods, cheeses and desserts. The big stars of the night will, of course, be the freshly barbecued meats. You’ll be able to enjoy suckling lamb skewers, secreto ibérico (a choice cut of Ibérico pork), blood sausage, chorizo, pork belly and steak. All carefully prepared by our kitchen staff who are experts in working with the best raw materials. After dinner, it will be time to get your dancing shoes on with DJ Curro Puertas and for the bonfire with chocolate and cakes. It’s the perfect plan.

All you have to do is decide whether to stay at our hotel for one night or two. Remember, if you choose to spend two nights with us, you’ll be able to enjoy a magnum tasting where you’ll try our Fan D. Oro, our Arzuaga Rosae, our Laderas del Norte and our Cornicabra olive oil (organic) with three gourmet tapas from our Michelin-starred Taller restaurant. Book now: San Juan 22 (hotelarzuaga.com). See you there!

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