Barbecues and Bodegas Arzuaga wines, a real summer love story

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There are still a few weeks to go until summer really starts, but the days are getting longer and gardens are beginning to smell of barbecue. Here at Bodegas Arzuaga, once again, we’d like to suggest some interesting pairings to you so that you can enjoy our wines like never before.

We’re going to start with a summer barbecue classic, but with a different touch, to pair with our Arzuaga Crianza, the winery’s flagship wine. We’re talking about pork ribs, which you can marinate with crushed garlic, chopped spring onion, blended tinned pineapple (made in a blender using the liquid and pineapple flesh) and a sauce that’s as easy as it is special. You just have to heat up some sugar, ketchup, a glug of aged rum and some black pepper. Simmer until the alcohol burns off and then add to the other ingredients. Brush over the ribs and throw them on the barbecue. The depth of the meat is going to pair perfectly with the smooth, sweet sensations of our Arzuaga Crianza.

Now, we’re going to go from meat to vegetables, which are also stars of the show when it comes to barbecues. We’d like to show you a recipe that pairs perfectly with the fineness of a secret white wine, our Fan D. Oro. That’s why we’ve come up with something fun you can surprise your guests with: barbecued avocados. All you have to do is chop up some coriander leaves and mix them with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. Once you’ve peeled the avocados and split them in half, brush them with the dressing and then cook them on the barbecue. They’re perfect for enjoying alongside our Chardonnay.

We’ll finish off today’s pairing suggestions with one of our favourite summer wines: our Arzuaga Rosae. It’s a fresh, fun wine that becomes the star of any evening. We’ve saved one of our favourite recipes for it that’s just as fun as it is: barbecued scallops with miso butter. All you have to do is to get white miso and butter and combine them. It’s easier if the butter is at room temperature. Once the miso butter is ready, put a bit on each scallop and then cook them for a few minutes on the barbecue. Paired with Arzuaga Rosae, these scallops are going to become favourites of yours this summer.

So, now that you’ve got all our recipe suggestions, fire up the barbecue and get ready to pair your summer with Bodegas Arzuaga.

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