Arzuaga’s farm-to-table philosophy

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When Taller Arzuaga got its first Michelin star, Amaya Arzuaga affirmed that this recognition was the ‘greatest encouragement to keep defending creativity, the avant-garde and haute cuisine in the heart of Ribera del Duero. We’ve been able to maintain our personality at Taller Arzuaga by committing to quality and the land that is our home’. And in her words lies one of the great pillars of our gastronomy: using and giving value to local produce. For years now, we here are Bodegas Arzuaga have been committed to taking the utmost care over our raw materials, and there’s no better way to do that than to monitor the production ourselves.

That’s why we dedicate part of the 1,500-hectare La Planta estate to a game reserve, where wild boar, deer and mouflons live side by side. This enables both Taller Arzuaga and our traditional restaurant to include game on their menus that’s raised just a few kilometres from the restaurants. A little luxury that the most demanding diners will notice on their palates. But at Grupo Arzuaga, we’ve always worked to improve and evolve, which is why we decided some years ago that it was time to produce our own oil.

To do this, we chose the town of Noez, in the heart of Montes de Toledo mountain range. It is the site of the Los Olivos estate, spread over 150 hectares and now home to over 7,500 olive trees. It is also home to the mill where our oil is created from two olive varieties: Cornicabra and Arbequina.

And the latest new addition to our farm-to-table concept is Taller’s organic kitchen garden. We’ve already talked about it this month on our blog, but we also wanted to take the chance here to say that it allows us to produce our own vegetables and flowers organically. And you’ll notice it in the flavour of each of the plant varieties we’ve planted there: nightshades, legumes and cruciferous vegetables, cucurbits, Chenopodioideae and Compositae, umbellifers, Liliaceae, aromatic perennials, aromatic annuals and edible flowers. They all provide a wide array of options to Taller’s culinary director Víctor Gutiérrez, who’s responsible for integrating them into our menus so that they fit our philosophy.

There’s a raison d’être behind all this effort: to make your experience at Taller Arzuaga unique and unforgettable. We look after the produce, the wine, the food and the service so that you enjoy every last detail. Our farm-to-table philosophy only makes sense if we’re able to translate it into our way of understanding gastronomy. Come and discover it at Taller Arzuaga.

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