Arzuaga in your glass: the best pairing for cold days

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There’s no doubt that wine is one of those pleasures you can enjoy regardless of the season you’re in. At Arzuaga, we’re not fans of pigeonholing and we don’t think that a certain kind of wine can only be enjoyed during a particular time of the year. For example, a good red wine can turn into the perfect companion on a hot summer’s night. But we’d also be lying if we weren’t honest and said that red wine, like mushrooms, starts to feature on tables much more often starting in November. And there’s a clear reason for this: the soups and stews that are so typical at this time of year make a great match for Arzuaga’s red wines.

Our reds pair perfectly with the dishes that appear on our tables when the cold weather starts until spring comes again. For example, we suggest enjoying them together with a typical autumnal ingredient such as pumpkin, so well-loved in soups, rice dishes or stews. Its sweet touch goes perfectly with a red such as our Laderas del Norte and its modern, innovative style.

Another classic ingredient that’s a staple in autumn and winter are pulses. Chickpea and meat stew, bean stew, haricot beans with clams, flageolet beans, chickpeas with cod and spinach… They’re all so versatile and give us so many possibilities in the kitchen! Although there’s a huge variety of options, today we’d like to suggest that you open a bottle of Arzuaga Crianza to enjoy alongside some mouth-watering lentils with duck. Arzuaga Crianza is a red wine that reflects the essence of Ribera del Duero. Punchy but also delicate at the same time, this wine will combine well with the strong flavour of the duck and the silkiness of the lentils to create the perfect pairing. The cold weather changes our eating habits, inviting us to take a seat and enjoy a good chat after the meal without any rush. And desserts as well, of course!

So, we don’t want to end this post without suggesting something that’s as daring as it is delicious. Now that hot dishes are particularly appetising, why not make a classic chocolate coulant and serve it along with a glass of our Pago Florentino red wine? It’s bound to be a hit!

As we were telling you at the beginning of this post, our wines are perfect for any season of the year, so we hope you enjoy them with the cold weather and heartier dishes. Cheers!

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