Amaya Arzuaga: ‘At Taller, I apply the same principles I had when I was designing a dress’

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Can fashion and wine go hand in hand? At Arzuaga, we know the answer is yes because we have Amaya Arzuaga, a woman who has found success on the runway and is now doing so with our Taller restaurant as well. That’s why Estefanía Cárdenas, presenter of Hagamos negocio (‘Let’s do business’) wanted to meet and chat with Amaya. This Mexican programme features chats with the best entrepreneurs to learn more about their businesses.

During the interview, Amaya provided an overview of her commitment to avant-garde cuisine. ‘Some time ago, my father decided to expand the winery because he needed more room for the tanks. And he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the leftover space. So I mentioned the possibility of doing a gourmet restaurant, and he said to me, “OK, but only if you’re in charge of it”. And the second year, we got the star’.

She also recalled her first steps at Taller. ‘I’ve always loved gastronomy and when my brother started to have a lot of work, I decided that I could help him’, explained the CEO of Bodegas Arzuaga, who didn’t want to miss the chance to highlight the next generation. ‘We’re always thinking about maintaining the family spirit of the company. My children and my nieces and nephews have grown up here, among the barrels and tanks. In addition, at the weekend they come to see how we work at Taller; we give them a hat and invite them to serve and to cook. We want them to see it as something fun so they get excited about it’.

Because at Taller restaurant, just like at Bodegas Arzuaga, every day is a new step, a new business adventure to offer a wine tourism experience that is one of a kind in Europe. ‘We’re working so that the menu at Taller has a lot to do with what we stand for, what the winery stands for, what the estate stands for, the essence of Bodegas Arzuaga. Then we have a Peruvian chef, so through him, we add a touch of something different’.

Throughout the chat, Amaya also aimed to interlink her designer side with her business side as the manager of a Michelin-starred restaurant: ‘At Taller, I apply the same principles I had when I was designing a dress. The place settings, the staging, what’s always important is to have a concept, for everything to be coherent and for it to reflect your identity’.

These words define the spirit of Bodegas Arzuaga perfectly, which is always ready to look further ahead without forgetting where it comes from. If our blog post has piqued your interest, you can find out more by watching and listening to the full interview here:

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